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We provide Consulting, Development, and Design in a number of mediums including the web, social media, and print; all with a focus on building brand equity.

You may have heard the design mantra of being able to only pick two from “fast”, “inexpensive”, and “good”. Our work is custom tailored to the branding and ambitions of each client. Geeks Worldwide is not a “design house”: cranking out prefab work for the masses. Focused on enforcing a higher level of integrity in our industry, we operate as knights of the networks with service as our sword. There can be no exception on excellence, no compromise on quality: our focus is your success. We will never sacrifice “good” for the sake of “done”.

Our mission goes beyond Consulting and Development: our higher calling is Education. Whether our apprentice is our client, the public, or our competition, Geeks Worldwide equips others with the tools and experienced instruction they need to become the same experts we are. A rising tide lifts all ships.

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You’ve got a plan and a goal. Or maybe you’re just starting to dream up something big. We know how to help you get to where you want to be, and target the unique demographic you envision needs your product most. Share your ambition with us, and we’ll draw you a map and help you scale that summit.


Our experience covers a wide array of complementary disciplines. Oftentimes the problem isn’t the problem and the solution is elusive. Our roadmapping sessions get to the heart of the issue and allow breakthroughs in your business. Following our prescriptions has proven results.


We focus on creating custom content for your business that complements and strengthens your existing brand. For those who don’t have a trademark, our insights will help you divine direction and solidify your image: all so you can market to your targeted demographic.


More than a buzzword, Responsive Design ensures your audience receives your hand-crafted content no matter the device they are viewing your site on. For good reasons we don’t make “mobile sites”, we build custom platforms that adapt to your customer’s preferences.

SEO & Analytics

While some think it’s black magic, SEO is more than throwing bones and divining tea-leaves. Though the winds change often there are proven and reliable practices that will help you achieve the page ranking you need to be seen by your customers. We know how to read the signs and tell you where you are and get you where you need to be.


Our most secret ingredient is that there are no secrets. If you’ve got the discipline we’ve got the patience. Some say we’re crazy, but we’re willing to teach anyone how to do what we do, even our competition. A thirst for knowledge should be rewarded. Let us know what you want to learn more about!


Our process involves you! While we have decades of design experience each project is planned in decisive steps; meant to show development over time. These milestones are interactive and we encourage your input. Each client is unique in their ambition. We strive to create designs we are both proud of.


We’ve been building exceptional sites from scratch with Wordpress since its conception. Though there are other Content Management Systems, we aren’t interested in managing your content. We seek to train and empower our customers to grow their digital empire themselves. Wordpress makes that unintimidating.

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