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Why bother with social media for search engine optimization? OR If it ain’t workin’ you ain’t using it right

There is some debate regarding the effectiveness of using social media marketing on sites like Facebook,Twitter and other profile based platforms as a valid search engine optimization method.

…doesn’t all that SEO stuff take place ON your website?
There was a time when social signals were a weak influence at best, but as search engines have begun to change the way they work they’ve become increasingly interested in crowd-sourcing more relevant search results through social media.

So why bother?
Here are three painfully obvious reasons why you need to make sure that your efforts on social media are focused and aligned with your overall digital visibility goals:

1- Search engine algorithms are constantly changing; trying to keep up with their trends and idiosyncrasies can be a full time job. People, are relatively the same as they have been for centuries; social media is made of people!

2 – Social media is generally the easiest, fastest, way to create content and links to your main website.

3 – It’s easier to bring attention to your message and garner assistance in spreading the word quickly.

Still here?
If those three reasons don’t light a fire under you it’s not likely anything will. Just go back to sleep and keep buying print advertisements….or….consider these quick tips in improving your social media search engine visibility.

Homegrown Organic Links

Fact of the matter is, while still somewhat important, as the search engines continue to change their algorithms. backlinks are becoming less and less of a ranking factor.

Many social sites won’t really be giving you any link love in a backlink sense to your site anyway (some argue if those even ‘technically count’) but what they CAN do is provide a lot of actual PEOPLE who visit your site…and after all isn’t that what we’re trying to do?

So make sure if you are going to use social sites for seo you put your links wherever you are allowed to do so, after all they can’t click a link that’s not there. More than that however, don’t just stick links in there, (click here) , make them something people will actually be interested to click on.

Bait The Hook

Sure, you can just post post post post post and chum the waters…but it’s a lot more effective if you focus your efforts. Once you’ve gotten in the habit of posting links to a website you control it’s time to take it to the next level; this can be as easy as creating a witty profile statement, or creating a good “hook” for your link when you post it.

Check this out – http://www.socialgeek.org


5 things every [target group] MUST know http://www.socialgeek.org


[target group] Do you know the 5 most common mistakes to avoid before you [target market]? http://www.socialgeek.org

See the difference?
Use a similar style in all your publication or linking efforts any time you can in order to see higher organic traffic to your site – don’t just spew content and links, make it INTERESTING, add some spin to that web!

You can post links til you’re blue in the face, but if you are doing it incorrectly or only to try and appease the algorithms you may find the most important part is missing from your website: visitors.

Put The Pieces Together

It all comes down to not just using these online tools, but understanding the subtleties of using them in their best manner. Don’t just post, engage. Don’t just link, drive.

Optimize locally through engaging your follower base; market globally by connecting these portals to create your own syndication — use these tools to their fullest potential.

Some might say that level of individual time and effort is just too much to invest in reaching a client base, but think on this: The social networks online today allow us to communicate with others more efficiently and widely than we’ve ever been able to before.

Can you imagine if you had to hand write and mail a card to each one of your clients every day?! Using social network marketing for search engine optimization is more than just tags, keywords, and links: it’s knowing your visitors, it’s interconnectivity; putting it to work for your online presence is key to digital success.

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