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Reasons to Hire a Graphic Designer

The content you create, especially images, help build the face of your brand in the mind of your potential customer. It’s no wonder really, as humans are highly visual creatures by nature and content using images receives as much as 60% more visibility than purely text based messages. With those considerations, why then is it so very common to see business owners shooting themselves in the foot by trying to produce graphics themselves?

We can tell you, it generally comes down to one thing: Money.

Either the business owner doesn’t have the money ( or thinks they don’t ) to afford quality graphic design, or they just don’t see any value in paying to do something they think they can do themselves because after all it’s just “pressing some buttons” and “moving colors around”. Trust us…we’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…Microsoft Clipart on fire off the shoulder of Orion…we’ve watched Shutterstock watermarks glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate…

Please, please, please, for the love of all that is holy talk to a professional first! Even if you don’t end up using them. Show them your stick figure drawings that you think will be a phenomenal marketing tactic so that they at least have the chance to caution you against such a fool-hardy venture. And honestly, if the images you need are simple cover photos for social media, they should not cost you an arm and a leg — what’s more you should be able to get at least moderate re-useability out of those images as well.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Graphic Designer

1 – Time. Even if you’re graphic skills are good chances are you are not going to be able to crank out quality graphics as quickly as a pro. Even if you can, you’ve got to ask yourself if your time is better served making pictures or running your business.

2 – Quality. A professional graphic designer will have resources and expertise far beyond anyone who simply entertains the art as a hobby or part time endeavour. They will have years of experience working in graphics as well as knowledge of effective visual marketing.

3 – Impressions. That crayon doodle your kid did is precious…but does it represent the face of your company? The way people see your brand can impact it’s effectiveness in ways that are broad and far reaching. Because of that the impression you make with your marketing images needs to be consistent and of the best quality it can be.

It would be easy to say these things simply on the premise that well, we offer graphic design as part of our services, but moreover it’s because it is almost physically painful to see people in business – in some cases people we’re even friends with! – settle for poorly made graphics that do nothing to strengthen their brand.

Don’t be a victim of your own good intentions, work with a professional – even if it’s not us! – any time you are able; we know with confidence that you will see greater return.

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