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Social Media Level Up: Creating stunning content is only half the battle.

Even tech savvy business owners who have successfully gotten into the habit of curating good content for their social media portals sometimes miss a very powerful part of using the medium. Generally this is due to simply focusing solely on just using online networks for the purpose of broadcasting rather than engaging or serving their customer base.

Most social networks, like Facebook and gplus allow you to use them as your business persona, not just to post updates but also to interact with other businesses and individuals — especially through comment threads. With algorithms that limit your own businesses status updates from reaching it’s followers, leveraging these instant impact venues of communication are an excellent opportunity to gain visibility.

How do you do this?

Like, comment, and share posts – especially on ones that have a low interaction rate. Not only are the administrators of those profiles more likely to see your business name pop up on their own radar, but so are followers of those profiles.

Keep a sharp eye out for people posting or commenting looking for help or asking a question. This not only gives you a chance to legitimately interact by injecting you into the conversation but it can also provide an opportunity for you to establish yourself as an authority in a public forum.

Follow controversial or trending topics on local news sources, and interact carefully. Did I mention BE CAREFUL? How you proceed when interacting in these channels can be tricky as it’s almost just as easy to gain favor as it is to receive ire from those following the same threads. The internet is full of trolls, don’t feed them; if you can’t avoid that temptation you may want to steer clear of this technique.

How do you do this? Better yet, how do you this without seeming like a douchebag?

Be considerate.

Think of the social media platform as you might think of a real life social gathering. If some random guy showed up and stood by the punch bowl spouting random sales pitches and urls you’d very likely find yourself less thirsty throughout the evening. Don’t be THAT guy, randomly inserting yourself (or your pitch) in people’s conversations when there is no relevancy.

In any interaction, think about how you would feel if someone repeated your same words back to you before you hit send.

Don’t be salesy. If your product or service is a good fit for someone you’re interacting with simply provide basic information and offer to contact the individually privately if they are interested – respect the owner of the channels through which you are interacting as well as the people you are talking to directly.

Don’t flood your personal sphere with rehashed advertisements. Re-using, repurposing content to some extent is not only smart but somewhat expected (when’s the last time you only saw a commercial one time on tv?) just be mindful of how frequently you do this, as generally you will be dealing with a much smaller audience, and over-saturation happens easier.

All of these things will help you build engagement and a stronger social media presence regardless of which platform you are using.

Creating stellar content may be only half the battle but by mixing these next-level techniques in with the good habits you’re already practicing you will see greater returns for your efforts – and likely more interaction from followers as well.

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