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How To Write A Better Blog

So you’ve setup a free blog on wordpress or tumblr, or maybe even paid to have someone create a self-hosted wordpress site with a blog built in. You know blogging is important – because someone told you it was, or you read that somewhere – but so far maybe you’re not really sure what you’re supposed to be doing…or even what the point of it is. Well, good news! There is hope! Blogging does not have to be some tedious undertaking and being active in blogging is still one of the best ways to improve your overall visibility.

Why is blogging important?

Increase content footprint of your website
Improved on-site keyword saturation
Establish yourself as an informed authority
Driving traffic to your website
A source of branded content for social media publication
Creates a share opportunity for your audience to promote you

With all these reasons why you should be doing it the case for it’s importance is pretty clear – now all you have to do is DO IT.

Writing is easy, all you do is sit down at the keyboard AND BLEED…” – Ernest Hemingway

Just Write
Blogging in essence is just writing, easy right? Well, not so much.
While it is best to have a focus on your business, truth be told if you are regularly blogging you will still see some results, even if what you’re writing isn’t directly related to your industry or keywords. This is because search engines give a little extra boost to websites that are frequently updated. So first and foremost JUST WRITE. Just get in there once a week and write SOMETHING. Preferably something about your business or services, but it’s just as good to write something about your company, something inspirational, or even share about a recent personal adventure. The biggest thing is just getting it on the page and published.

Be Consistent
Now that you’ve got the process of writing blogs down pretty well it’s time to dig into the routine. Make it regular. Try to blog predictably so that as your following grows they will be preconditioned to look for your new post each week. Beyond that be consistent in the voice you use, the type of content you share, and the overall feel of your blog.

Include Images
If you’re able create a unique and eye catching image for each post you make. Humans are visual creatures so by including an image in your post it will be more likely to grab people’s attention; these images are also building a library of marketing equity for your use. The images you make should be original and not infringe on others copyright in order to keep you out of legal trouble; it will also help you create a unique look for your brand. By creating a new image each time you make a blog post you’re also creating content you can use on social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Don’t JUST Use Images
Believe it or not we’ve seen this. A perfectly good dynamically powered database driven blog site…and then users will just drop an image jpeg full of text into the body of the blog rather than actually type out the words as real text. Your human visitors may not notice much difference (other than they can’t copy/paste anything or click links) but search engines most definitely will. You see, even in this modern age, search engines aren’t overly adept at reading images much less indexing their contents into search results. Search engines read text – so feed them text – never, ever, ever just stuff an image into your blog in a space that should be text.

Promote What You Post
Just writing the blog consistently is great but unless you are also sharing those posts other places you may find yourself shouting in your closet. Much like a regular website your blog needs you to tell people it exists for them to know about it, especially when you’re first starting out. Social media makes this easy to do; it’s always a good idea to include sharing your latest post on multiple social networks upon publishing. Use this as an opportunity to try out different marketing language as well, for instance on Facebook you might share your post and say:

“Top Ten Web Design Mistakes You Are Making RIGHT NOW!

Versus using slightly different language on Pinterest:

“Suffering With an UGLY Website? Revamp it with these tips!

This will give you the ability to diversify your message and to also use each individual social platform to touch a slightly different audience.

Do NOT Be A Copy/Paste Blogger
There’s nothing worse than setting up a blog for someone and then months later have them come to us all proud: “LOOK! Look at how GREAT I’ve being doing blogging!”…only to visit their site and find out that what in fact they have been doing is copying and pasting articles from the news or who knows where instead of writing their own content. While you can credit the original author/source and usually be fine on the plagiarism side of things it does nothing to remove the fact that in essence you are just regurgitating content. This shows a real lack of caring about the content you’re serving up, and your audience will recognize it. Truly, it would be better to not blog at all than to simply copy and paste every article from CNN into your blog. It’s making you look lazy and doing your visitors a real disservice.

Did We Mention JUST WRITE?
Look. We know sitting down and writing can be a lot harder than most people think and that doing so week after week month after month can seem really daunting. And we won’t lie – it IS work – but it can be done. The hardest part is just sitting down to do it. If you need to make an outline to get things laid out in your minds eye before you begin that’s fine — but don’t let them time you spend outlining eat up all the time you should have spent writing. You can over plan yourself right out of being productive with less effort than you think. If you’re stumped for content search for recent news articles in your industry, read them, and then rewrite them yourself in your own words. Still stumped? Go for a walk, get out, and find your muse. Thankfully if you’re feeling inspired many blog systems allow you to pre-write posts and schedule them for later publication — worse case scenario send yourself an email with the content, or even just notes, when the words are flowing and write it up properly later on.

Still seem like too much?
Doing all this but still not seeing the results you expected?
We here at Geeks Worldwide are glad to offer our marketing consultation services to assist you in your journey to success. Whether you need hands on assistance with content creation, or just want us to review what you’re already doing and offer suggestions for improvement we’re happy to help!

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