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Social Media Tactics: Use Your Website

One of the biggest challenges that clients face before undergoing social media training with us is very simply: what to post?! They may be fairly savvy, or even mildly experienced and have a decent idea of what they need to be doing for daily social media success, but even so they struggle with what exactly to post on Facebook. The solution is much easier than we’d like to admit, especially since one of the larger purposes of social media is to drive traffic to a centralized spot, but nonetheless it’s overlooked by many business owners:

Their website!

It might come as a surprise because many people think of their website and social media as being two completely separate things, when actually they work best when used in harmony with each other. It surprises us too, because after all you spent (hopefully) some time and expense in getting your hub of digital awesomeness built online, yet it is one of the least utilized sources for content on social media. We see REALTORS® in Idaho posting links to Zillow, we see home inspectors in Boise posting links to the NAHB, we see food bloggers posting links to other food bloggers sites — all the while never realizing that by posting links to those places they are in a small way marketing for those other companies, not themselves!

You see, to some degree links are trust. To some extent people see them that way without realizing, and the search engines definitely do ( since they use that as a signal for ranking ). Any time you link out to someplace you are in some fashion endorsing or approving your audience to click that link and go there – so there’s much more than just a loss in traffic on the lines, you could be putting your very reputation at stake. All the more reason to use your website as a source for social media posts!

Now, if you have a blog based website like those built using wordpress you already have your own digital publishing platform ready to go, you just have to use it! You can literally make your own rain by posting regularly, promoting that content on multiple platforms, and establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. If you need some tips on blogging here are a few…

Even if you don’t have a wordpress type site you can still use every single page of your website as a post on your social media profiles. That’s really all there is to it! By linking to your site regularly from social media you can improve visibility of your services and your site both with search engines and with real human visitors.

An example post might be something like:

Example One

Too bored to blog? Flummoxed by Facebook?
We can help you get more out of social media! Take a look at our success stories!

You might be saying:
“But Geeks, my site only has 5 pages, how can I use that to post more than just a few times a month?”
Spin baby, spin! That’s how!

See, you can use the same links to your site – just change the marketing language in your post like this:

Example Two

Our website can beat up your website – want to find out how?
Take a look! http://www.fivedollarunicorn.com

See, SAME link, different message, different hype, and appeal to a different audience….

It is often these small details and techniques that can make all the difference in seeing results from your online efforts.
Things like consistency, understanding how to use your website like the hub of a wheel, and a dozen other elements that work cohesively towards success. It doesn’t have to be a challenge, in fact social media can even be fun if you give it the chance. If you are struggling to understand social media and want help taking hold of your digital destiny we would love the opportunity to guide you towards your goals – contact us today to see how we can help!

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