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Facebook Mistakes That Are Costing You BIG

Social media marketing is easy! You just go on the internet, find cat pictures and put words over them like ‘i cans haz pizza’, post them up and call it a day – because the leads and the traffic you need to fuel your business are just going to come rolling in!! ….yah. Not so much. Anyone who has taken on the task of doing their own digital marketing knows there is more to it than that if you expect to see results (unless you run a cat page of course).

Beyond the hundreds of little things you need to do in order to manage a successful social presence on Facebook there are just as many things NOT to do that can torpedo your success as well; in order to help you avoid some of those common, but often not considered, mistakes we’ve put together these tips!

facebook marketing helpAge / Country Restrictions
This one is pretty big and goes unnoticed by many page admins. They set these restrictions thinking it will limit liability for underage users, or maybe will somehow help them better target a demographic, but unless you are actually posting age sensitive material this could be hampering your visibility. One of the advantages of a business or fan page on Facebook is it’s visibility to the outside world – including search engines and people who might not be logged into Facebook all the time – by setting age/country restrictions you limit the ability of your page to appear to the public. In addition other social aggregators, and plugins like the ones that power the Facebook boxes on your website, will not be visible to users who are not logged in. Check your page settings! Restrict language if necessary but consider opening up the age/country restrictions.

Not Driving Traffic
Realtors post links to their listings on Zillow instead of their own site. Plumbers link to their supplier website instead of their own. Page admins and business owners in general post and post and post without including links to their website and then wonder why they’re not getting any results from their efforts. While links from Facebook aren’t being used as a major search engine signal (yet) they are still very important to the real human users that you want to engage, so remember: they may not click on it, but they CAN’T if it’s not there. Always link to a domain you control – preferably with a strong call to action and a lead capture point – whenever possible.

Not Engaging
It’s easy to just post post post post post…but there is ( a lot ) more to getting the most out of Facebook marketing than just using it as a publishing platform; if you’re not using it to improve your customer service and increase brand awareness you’re missing the point. On social media your fans are your life blood, so treat them like gold. Reply to any comments – even if it’s just to say thanks. Don’t avoid handling those bad reviews either – with a little tact you can often turn a bad thing into a win. More than just posting content consider interacting with other area businesses who are in alignment with your vision and even go the extra step to share their posts or pages. It IS called a social network after all!

Not Posting
Wait….didn’t we just tell you not to post all the time?
That’s right – don’t JUST post stuff. But it’s still important to post frequently. How frequently? That can depend on your industry and your audience.
If you have interesting content, have a lot to say, and your audience is accepting of it you can post quite frequently. In fact with changes to Facebook’s algorithms it’s a good idea to step up the frequency of your posts as organic visibility has begun to be very limited in most cases. To maintain any kind of viable presence we recommend posting no less than once a day of course at the absolute least; we’ve seen successful pages posting as much as once an hour. This varies of course as you can’t always find a ton of riveting information about the fascinating world of crawlspace inspection on the daily! So, find the balance that works for you and your audience and go from there. Post enough to keep it interesting, but not so much that you’re generating noise.

We hope these tips are of help to you and will be of assistance on your path towards greater social media success!
If you have questions, or want to schedule a social media audit or consultation we’d love to help. Contact us today to put our experience and knowledge to work for you!

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