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Are You A Designer Designer?

So, do you, like, make wordpress sites or whatever?
Uh, yeah…we do that too.

We always get a little chuckle when people ask something like that; we understand it’s just because, like many industries, there are always terms that get generalized to convey meaning – even if it’s an incorrect one.

When most people think web design they think about slideshows and logos and what the buttons on a site look like, and that is a big part of what it’s all about, but for those of us who go beyond the outer appearance of a site and work in web development the rabbit hole goes much deeper.

grinder-29513_1280This isn’t to downplay the importance of the visual aspects of a web design by any means. The web would never have gotten off the ground if everyone had to still use telnet to stare at endless matrix-like screens of text. Visual design itself plays a major role in how we begin creating a site – first laying out a framework based on the needed functionality – but it’s the difference between how your car looks versus what kind of engine is in it.

Because we are much more than just a templated design house, cranking out push button sites, a lot of our best work goes completely unseen by our clients and their customers. The intricate structures, the elegance of a database handshake, the hours of additional time that is put into crafting optimized code…c-beams glittering in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. *far away look*

We are designer’s designers!
The fact that the code that makes up what a website user sees is hidden behind the surface is one other reason you may never see some of our best work. Modern websites are almost all created to rely on a database for their content systems; beyond web design and development for businesses themselves we also get called on at times to diagnose the real deep issues of why something isn’t working by other developers. And while not as glamorous or pretty to show off like a brand new website we enjoy getting our hands dirty with a real brain twister from time to time because we love helping those in need, even if they are our “competition”, because we know what it’s like to need a hand.

Are you stuck with a website that’s broken or that you’re just not happy with?
While no job is too small we do much more than just basic design and we’d love the opportunity to talk to you about how we can help breathe new life into that old site or create a new site that would be even better.

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