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All Day Success In 15 Minutes A Day!

No, we haven’t turned into a healthy, body, fitness, nutritional motivation power shake selling website.  But there are just a few very simple things you can do, that only take about 15 minutes each morning, which will help you improve your focus and productivity for the entire day. Having a clear idea of what you want to do with your time is a powerful way to prioritize and seize success whether it be in business or your personal life.

It’s easy to get caught in the morning rush, or get blind-sided by secondary tasks (or facebook) and wind up wrung out at the end of the day feeling like nothing got accomplished! We’ve put together these action items to start before you even leave the house to help you avoid that terrible feeling.

Get Up Earlier
Groan. Oh despair, I know. And for you pre-dawn risers this may not apply, but since you’re now using 15 minutes of your day you’ll need to maybe get to the office that 15 minutes early to have the space in your hustle. Waking up just a little bit early gives you more of the one asset essential to accomplishing your goals: TIME.

Clear Your Mind
Sit down. Breathe. Do “nothing” for 10 seconds.
See, you’re getting stuff done already. 🙂

Don’t Open Your Email
What?! Seems counter-intuitive almost doesn’t it?
Honestly though, just give us a chance here. In part this works with the next step.
You see, when you start your day by opening the email you often sabotage yourself by trying to immediately start taking care of putting out the fires of the day rather than focusing on some of the bigger priorities of the day. Chase two rabbits, catch neither one.

carpeDiemMake the List
Take the majority of your 15 minutes to just focus on the tasks you may have left over from the day before or  already know you have in queue for the day.

Write these tasks down from biggest to smallest based on the amount of time you will need to complete each one.

Begin the first, smallest task – hopefully that takes less than the next 20 minutes – and complete it before you do anything else. Depending on your work situation don’t even answer the phones until this is done – this is why the getting up earlier part is important. This lets you step back and take a look at the priority items; sometimes it’s good to even box around some items as “Things to get finished TODAY”.

From here get on with your day. Open that email if you must. Start going through your list from top to bottom.

Tasks will come and go, the phone will ring or not, clients will walk in unscheduled, the dog with get sick or who knows what, but by using these steps you will be able to clearly outline the most important parts of your day that need your attention and accomplish more.

In closing, don’t forget one last tip: Leave work at work – even if you work at home.
When office hours are over be sure to take some “me time” – invest your time in just doing whatever it is that feeds your spirit. Spend time with the ones you love. Laugh. Enjoy. Often times in this life we’ll sell our working hours so fervently that it spills over and we end up even giving away our personal time for free.  Stay geeky out there!

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