Our Contemplations

June 26th 2017

No, we haven’t turned into a healthy, body, fitness, nutritional motivation power shake selling website.  But there are just a few very simple things you […]

May 26th 2017

There’s doing, and then there’s doing it WELL. You can throw a rock these days and hit six people who claim to be “social media […]

February 22nd 2017

So, do you, like, make wordpress sites or whatever? Uh, yeah…we do that too. We always get a little chuckle when people ask something like […]

May 21st 2016

Or NO that nice young man reporting broken links on your site ( or offering you a free infographic [ or telling you there are […]

May 10th 2016

One of the biggest challenges that clients face before undergoing social media training with us is very simply: what to post?! They may be fairly […]

March 21st 2016

*UPDATE! We’ve put together a quick printable list for your daily social media tasks! Post this next to your desk to keep you focused on […]

March 15th 2016

So you’ve setup a free blog on wordpress or tumblr, or maybe even paid to have someone create a self-hosted wordpress site with a blog […]

February 11th 2016

Web designers have run the gamut between over selling too much of what you don’t need and not enough of what you actually need. Blue […]

February 2nd 2016

Despite being widely adopted as a valid and important advertising platform there are many business owners, even social media managers, who struggle with getting results […]

November 2nd 2015

….It’s reaching goals that’s hard. So why don’t more people at least get started setting a goal? Sometimes it’s not even realizing change is possible; […]

June 22nd 2015

The content you create, especially images, help build the face of your brand in the mind of your potential customer. It’s no wonder really, as […]

May 27th 2015

This is intended to just be a short list of tips for web designers – old and new – to help make doing business a […]

May 5th 2015

The Master knew what he was talking about when he said “Be like the nature of water”…and like many deep profound truths it is a […]

March 18th 2015

The online world can seem daunting and confusing to the uninitiated. Even business owners who know they need to be online don’t necessarily know how […]

November 24th 2014

Despite unbelievable growth in the internet some surveys still show that the majority of small businesses have yet to setup a website. As more and […]