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Ways to Promote (even a wix) Website!

Wix is notably the bane of all real web designers existence. Push button drag and drop sites of this nature devalue the skill of knowing how to code by making the end user think that it is all too easy “to website”.

Fact is, when Wix first came out it was truly atrocious: rendering pages completely with javascript or flash, making them invisible to search engines. Truth being, they aren’t much better now as their default flavor of “website” is merely a third level domain on their server – so any link juice you do manage to pour goes into their glass.

That said, they do provide a means for business owners and creatives to establish some kind of web presence, even e-commerce, with relative ease, and with some heavy persistence you can even see some results from using their system.

Should you? No.
Will design from a real coder be better? Yes.
BUT! If you are just starting out there’s a good chance you can’t afford good code – and that’s why you’re using Wix in the first place.

Own Your Name
Go to godaddy and buy a real domain name. It should be short, easy to remember and type and of course be relevant to your business/activity. Claiming your .com is one of the biggest and most important parts to legitimizing yourself online. Write down that login info and guard it with your life. Use your new www and put it on cards, all your social profiles, and any time you post about your business/activity.

The Basic Principles Still Apply
Even with your shitty Wix website the basics are still the basics. Your site needs to be visually appealing, clean, and easy to use if you expect anyone to spend any amount of time on it. In addition your website needs to include keyword rich text content that tells people WHO you are, WHAT you do, and WHY they should even care.

For instance: If you are in the knife business make sure you take the time to write text that includes information about why you are the best and include words like: knives, buy knives online, custom Idaho knives, etc. Make your text readable – don’t just pound a bunch of words onto the page – but be sure to include important keywords as you write.

One of the best ways to get new content and keywords into your site is to blog. Write a blog every week about what you did, something about your business, or even just the challenges you are facing. Publish it on your site. Then share it on Facebook. This creates a cyclical flow of traffic and shows the search engines you are active.

The Site That Works Best
Is the one you promote the most! If you have a website and you aren’t telling anyone about it on a regular basis you may as well be shouting in your closet about your business – NO ONE will know about it! So! Tell your friends, tell your mom to tell her friends, advertise on social media, print flyers and put them around town – PROMOTE YO SHIT!

Be Social
Social media is one of the best ways to get the word out without breaking the bank. Create pages on the popular networks and invite your friends. Post daily – multiple times – and make sure it’s content your fans will like, not always just buy my stuff buy my stuff buy my stuff. Link to your site in your product posts.

These are just simple best practices for any website; none of it gets results overnight – especially if you don’t have budget to throw at facebook or google. Good news is: you can make progress and gain visibility with effort, it just takes time and consistency. Don’t have the patience for that? We offer some of the best social media marketing available today – let’s chat!

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