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Web Dev Real Talk: Yes your website is live, NO it will not be on page one of google this week. Here’s WHY and what you can DO about it.

Also perhaps known as the longest blog title allowable by law in 28 states!
As a business owner or creative it’s understandable, you’ve waited weeks – even months – for your new website to be ready and go live and finally the day comes you type in the address and it’s there in all it’s glory!

…but why doesn’t Google know about it?
You went and searched for your business name, or maybe what you do, but there’s no sign of you anywhere – what gives?

Well, hopefully your web team talked with you about expectations and kept it real. Hopefully they didn’t let you run away with the wild idea that they would flip the switch and people would instantly begin to flock to your new site, along with the great search engine gods, to rain down bundles of cold cash…because that’s not how any of this works. No matter what they told you when they sold it to you.

websites that don't SUCK
There’s a very good chance Google, and the rest of the world other than your mom, won’t know your website even exists for a couple weeks.
If you don’t actively already have other marketing vehicles on the information superhighway that’s likely to not change for some time either. Good news is: there are things you can do!

We caution you that there is no one method for online success, and even applying these tips will not provide instant results. However, by being proactive with your new website you can not only significantly reduce the length of time it takes search engines to see it but also help real people know it exists as well.

Give Them A Taste
Your web developer should be able to at least setup a ‘coming soon’ page to welcome people to your new website address while you’re waiting for it to go live. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, your logo, your email, just something to add some mystery that you can direct posts towards and start building some excitement early.

Social Media
During those months that you’re waiting for your website to be done? Yeah, you should already be starting to make noise about it. Get those social media pages started, or if the marketing company you’ve hired can’t make that happen, at least start talking about it in your personal posts.

Need help getting a Facebook Page started? Let’s chat!

The Real World
Depending on your industry it might make sense to get out and pound the pavement! Get some nice flyers or cards made, maybe even attend the dreaded ‘networking event’ and shake some hands. It’s a big world out there and you can’t ever tell what sort of opportunities may arise out of ‘chance meetings’ out there.

Submit To Your Overlords!
Technically your web team should be doing this, but hey, make the search engines job a little easier by being sure to include a sitemap on your website. Create a Google Analytics and Web Console account and make sure they’re connected to your site. It doesn’t hurt to go into Bing and Yahoo (remember those guys?!) and submit for indexing to them also. What, your web guru didn’t do this? Or…they want to make it part of a huge “seo package” ? We can help…

Ask For Help
If you don’t ask the answer is already no. One great way to gain traction in search engines, even if your site has been live for a while, is to get other websites to link to you. So, if you know other business owners who might be willing to link to your site ask them to do so! It doesn’t hurt to tap your pals on social media too and ask them to like your page or share it with their friends.

The great news is: You don’t have to go it alone!
Geeks Worldwide is here to help you on your path to success whether you’re still lost in the bushes or already half way to the top of the mountain. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can serve you!

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