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Website Marketing: Don’t Just Stand In Your Closet Shouting

You’ve got buckled down, jumped into the 21st century and finally got a website…Great!
Where are all the customers?!

Just having a website is no longer enough, and in fact it hasn’t been enough for some time. Unlike the old days – when you were first thinking about getting a website – just about everyone is already online. They’ve got a head start, and that means you need to make up ground. A website alone can still be a very powerful thing but it will be a long climb to the top without leveraging other tools to let people know about your site, what you provide, and how they can get it.

Every website needs marketing. Without promoting your website you might as well be shouting in your closet: “HEY! I’ve got a website!”. Sure, your family will hear you and know about it, your friends might come visit after they haven’t seen you for a week or two, but you shouldn’t be disappointed when your brand new website doesn’t bring in the leads right away – especially if you aren’t doing anything to let people know it even exists.

There are plenty of options for promoting your online presence, so don’t panic. Some things you as the business owner may be able to handle on your own if you have time and know how, but otherwise we always recommend investing in your own success by working with a professional digital consultant who is familiar with online marketing.

In addition to a dynamic, well designed website with a focused content strategy we also recommend:

  • A well designed and eye catching brand identity. This includes business cards, logos, and other materials for promotion.
  • An active social media profile on at least one of the major networks, updated frequently.
  • Creating an email list and sending out regular communications to past, current, and potential clients.
  • Participating in local community events to increase local visibility.
  • Creating a flow of incoming links to your site over time from other reputable websites.

Other developers hate to hear us say it but: the website that performs the best is the one that is promoted the most.
If you’re struggling with getting a website online, or figuring out how to market yourself effectively now that your site is live we can help.

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