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Where Does Social Media Content Come From?

So you’ve finally gotten a profile or page setup on social media, be it Facebook or Twitter, or one of the others. You’ve alienated all your friends and family by inviting them to the page. You’ve been posting links for people to buy your stuff every hour but nothing is happening…in fact you’re losing fans.

How can this be? Maybe it’s because your content sucks.

You see, it’s called SOCIAL media for a reason. People come to the platform to relax, catch up with friends, maybe shop a little, but to mostly just be entertained — not be sold to. By the time the end of the day arrives most people have already been hit over the head with a thousand ads; the last thing they look forward to is to be bombarded by a bunch of sales quips. So to get the most visibility and likely engagement from your audience of potential customers the thing to do is create content they actually might want to see. Easier said than done unless you yourself are a graphic designer or have a marketing team at your disposal, so what’s a business owner to do?

Hire A Professional
We’d be lax if we didn’t just outright suggest this. A qualified digital marketer will know the ins and outs of social media like you could never hope to and if you’re really wanting to run your business rather than run the advertising for your business this may be the best option. No, it is not free. No, it is not cheap (if done well). No, you shouldn’t just have your niece or office assistant do it – although in some cases that may be better than not doing it at all. Here are some thoughts about finding a reputable social media manager.

Create A Video
That rectangle in your pocket has a camera on it that shoots video! While they may not be shiny high definition Cannes entries even a simple video can be a great marketing tool. Show yourself on location doing what you do to be awesome so potential customers can see what you’re about! Social media platforms like Facebook love visual content; so do people! Shy? Just shoot photos instead. The idea is to show your personality and that you’re actively doing things to serve your customers and your community.

Get It Online
Social media is a little more lenient on the rules of sharing, it’s what the platform is made for, and as such you can find any number of inspirational quotes as well as humor images online to share. While these are low hanging fruit in terms of content, they’re still valid as memes have high viral potential and are highly relatable. So source sites like Pinterest and even Google images for “quotes on happiness” and other themes. Creating your own images is always the best course, but if you must use images from the web be as forthright as possible by crediting photographers and creators whenever possible, and never claim ownership of work that is not your own or use images that have watermarks over them. Beyond images you can source great content for linking out to from news sources and even other social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Make It Yourself
Great content isn’t always visual. In fact search engines LOVE text. While you should always try to have a good image as a visual component to your posts you can create great flow to your website from social media by writing a blog and sharing it. Writing is hard, but as the person providing the services you should know your business better than anyone else – so crow about it! Write about the things you love about what you do, write about the things you hate, write about the things people might not know about what you do – just write! Once that blog is written use the link from where it lives on your website and share it across every social media site you’re on. When done correctly writing your own blog can be one of the most powerful content sources available to businesses online today; it’s truly sad that more of them don’t put the proper value on this technique.

Most importantly: Don’t just focus on selling your stuff!
Yes you need to tell people what you do, why your service or product has value, but you don’t have to be on repeat 24 hours a day, and doing so may actually be hamstringing your efforts. Make the larger focus of your social media marketing efforts be showing the face of your brand – who you are – as well as sharing what is important to you (personality, community). It’s important to remember that no matter what medium you use to market ultimately you are selling you, not what you do or what you make. More than anything your customers are going to respond to you, the person, before they even get to know your product, so leverage social media by being sociable and let them know why you are the one for them. Want more help? We’ve got a great free social media guide here and would love the opportunity to consult with you about your marketing needs – contact us today to get started on the road to success!

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