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Why Most SEOs Are Full Of Shit

It seems to be a symptom of the industry. Big promises, high costs, and little follow through. No, we’re not talking about social media – although it is rife with the same issues – we’re talking about SEO. And shysters are everywhere, it’s not just in the local Treasure Valley Search Engine Optimization Scene.

You can’t hardly turn around without finding some fast talking smoke blower trying to tell you that your site is in dire need of their help or it may disappear entirely from the internet FOREVER! OH! The sky is falling! Despair!

They’ll say how they visited your site and found all of these problems and even talk bad about the people who you had do the website.

They’ll tell you how you’re practically invisible, cite a bunch of technical stuff you don’t understand about tags, and then of course tell you how easy it would be for them to guarantee first page placement and make that all better – because they are the best number one seo experts.

The good news is 90% of them are completely full of shit.

Most have never even been to your site, and those that have give it the barest of glances in order to site “technical” errors that in truth likely aren’t impacting your search engine visibility at all.

Still not convinced?
Here’s some other ways you can disqualify these snake-oil peddlers.

Salesmen Aren’t Savvy
Most of the people who contact you from these places are salespeople not the people actually doing the work. Their job is to SELL you something. So they will do whatever they can to make that happen and then up-sell you anything else they can too before handing the file to some tech that’s likely never heard of you or visited the site.

At Geeks Worldwide we are highly skilled developers with over a decade in the industry. We understand the principles of good marketing, seo, and social media as well as web design. We meet with you personally, discuss what is desired, and take an interest in your success. We don’t up-sell unnecessary upgrades. We are the ones actually doing the work.

Guaranteed Results
No one, anywhere, can guarantee first page placement, even through paid ads. It simply does not work that way. If you’re in competition with any other company there is the chance that there will always be someone bigger with more budget to throw at Google. Even so, there are no special partnerships with Google that insure first page placement and no magic recipes to make it happen – anyone who says differently is selling you smoke.

At Geeks Worldwide we are very upfront and make sure clients understand there is no silver bullet for success, no sure-fire method other than time and persistent effort. We can provide the services to drive traffic, hype your product, and raise visibility but in the end only the customer themselves decides when that becomes a sale.

Tags, Tags, Tags
Tags are important but they aren’t all SEO is made of. In fact tags have been of less and less importance for some time now. If your prospective SEO guy gets stuck on tags tags tags and other “technical” jargon you don’t understand be suspect, the things that make up good seo are actually relatively simple.

At Geeks Worldwide we generally optimize things like meta-tags and other site tags when we create a website. In some cases we may be hired merely for content creation, or other items and as such those services are not included. Strong SEO is more than just meta; anyone who harps on them as their primary focus likely doesn’t understand the deeper concepts of digital marketing strategy.

Page One…For Stuff Nobody Searches For
Oh, you’re on page one all right, buuut…..
The other terrible thing we’ve seen is the promise of page one placement actually being fulfilled…unfortunately it was for something no one was searching for. Some companies promise you will be on page one, but they don’t mention it may be for terms that no one is searching for, or that aren’t even related to your industry. It doesn’t do any good if your fudge making company shows up on page one for “purple zebra hacksaws”. Make sure you have discussed keywords and what things you want people to type into search engines to find you.

At Geeks Worldwide we do extensive keyword research before optimization begins. We focus not only on industry wide terms but local geographical ones as well. We also understand that you know your business better than anyone else and are glad to work in any additional phrases that you may want to focus on as well.

Big Cost Every Month
SEO does cost, especially if it’s of any quality, and we’re not saying it should be cheap because it involves complicated tasks. However, many SEO companies will do a “free report” of generic information to show you how bad your site is to bait you in with worry and then tell you for “JUST $500 per month” that they can guarantee to flood you with more business than you can handle. They may even give you a task list to show of allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the stuff they will be doing every month. The problem is, very frequently, half of those tasks are performed by automated software that they have purchased (costing them three whole button clicks) or are actually tasks that need to be only performed once – not monthly like you are being charged for. So what are you paying for?

At Geeks Worldwide we look at what is truly required first, then provide an estimate of cost that you can customize to your needs and budget. One time tasks are only billed once, not monthly, and while we do use some software to run reports you will likely find those services substantially less costly with us.

We’ve given you a few insights into how our services are different, but in addition to these things above we can also provide help that other search engine optimization specific companies can not. As we are a full service design and consulting house we’re able to not only optimize your site but to also leverage social media to further increase your digital footprint. Need graphics for print or a big event promotion? We excel in creating eye-catching images that are certain to make sure your audience loves what they see.

A rising tide lifts all ships, and that’s why we make your success our focus. We love working with people who are passionate about what they do and hope that you will take time to talk with us to see what is possible before falling prey to those who would seek to only help you spend your money.

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