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Why You Can’t Afford (NOT) To Have A Website

We live in the digital age of information. These days business by and large is done online; if you’re not online you’re not in business. Despite the glaring fact that having a website has become a form of legitimacy for business owners there are still some people who refuse to see the worth in owning one.

“Well, they cost too much! And they don’t bring in any customers! And they cost too much!”

So, they end up making what should be one of their most important marketing vehicles into a clown car by hiring their cousins brothers nephew who does website stuff to make their site – and then complain about the lack of results – or end up not having a site at all.

We don’t understand it. We can only assume this comes from a scarcity mindset which over years has fed the fear of change to the point where they’d prefer to suffer with the thing they have that isn’t working rather than risk anything at all on trying something new.

That’s one of the things that makes us so happy to work with the people who choose us as their digital docents! We love working with people who are not only passionate about their pursuits but also ready to take action to follow after them!

But for those of you yet convinced let us provide these points to consider if you’re thinking a website is a waste of time:

Did We Mention: It’s Expected
That’s right, we’re actually telling you to do what they expect for once.
You need to do it because potential clients expect you to have one. Just like a business card. Are you in business? Do you have a shingle to hang? Even a simple one page website is better than nothing; a lot of times people want to see your website just to somehow satisfy in their own minds that you are really what you say you are.

It’s One More Line
Ever been fishing? More lines in the water means more likelihood of fish.
Now, just one line is fine if you just like drinking beer and drowning worms, but if you want to fry up you better tie up. If nothing else your website is one more means for potential customers to find you, learn about your services, and get in touch for you to close the sale.

Make Your Own Rain
You always know when to expect a storm when you make your own weather.
Assuming you have even a standard website design these days you should be able to blog and add content to your site (or have your developer do so); this is a hugely undervalued ability. Your website can literally be your own worldwide publishing platform and when used effectively it can be leveraged to broadcast your vision to a planet of waiting wallets.

Code Never Sleeps
Your website is an online employee who works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and doesn’t take lunch.
Once you have a basic website established you should begin building your library of digital equity and over the years you will find yourself with a legacy of content at your disposal. Even before that auspicious time however your website is already a powerful asset because it is a way for people to find you and contact you day or night. Never undervalue this potential. Apply it as the tool it can be for gathering your audience to you through active social content strategies.

…but it still costs SO much!
Does it though? Does it REALLY?
How much would you pay that 24/7/365 employee?
How much will you make off of even just one customer from your website? It’s easy to think a tool is overpriced until you learn how to use it.

At Geeks Worldwide we come from humble roots and we understand the value of the dollar because we know what it’s like to be down to your last one. We won’t kid you and say quality website design is cheap, but we also won’t up-sell you services you don’t actually need or charge for work we don’t do. We don’t offer cookie cutter pricing (that’s why you don’t see any on our site) because every client is different, just like every site should be different.

So, before you decide that you just can’t afford to have a website we would love the opportunity to convince you that you simple can’t afford not to have one. Get in touch to schedule a consultation today!

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